[instiz] School 2013 Actors 2016 ~ 2017

School 2013
2012.12.03 ~ 2013.01.28.
Director Lee Min-Hong, Lee Eung-bok / Writer Lee Hyun-joo.

Ko Nam Soon / Lee Jong Suk
2016 drama W
2017 drama While you were sleeping
2017 movie V.I.P.
2016 MBC Daesang

Song Hae-Gyung / Park Se-young
2016 Drama Beautiful Mind
2017 drama Whisper

Park Heung-Soo / Kim Woo-Bin
2016 Drama Uncontrollably Fond
2016 Movie Master

Lee Gang Joo / Ryu Hyo Young
2016 ~ 2017 Golden Pouch

Oh Jung Ho / Kwak Jung Wook
2017 February Military Service

Lee Ji Hoon / Lee Ji Hoon
2016 Movie: Proof of Innocence
2016 drama Mirror of the Witch
2016 Drama Gogh, The Starry Night
2016 Drama Special - Legendary Shuttle
2016 ~ 2017 Drama The Legend of the Blue Sea 

Kim Min-ki / Choi Chang-Yup
Under trial for drug use

Kye Na-Ri / Jeon Soo-Jin
2016 drama Descendants of the Sun
2016 drama Jackpot
2017 drama Queen of Mystery

Han Young Woo / Kim Chang Hwan
2016 ~ 2017 drama Person Who Gives Happiness

Lee Yi-Kyung / Lee Yi-Kyung
2016 drama Descendants of the Sun
2016 drama Mirror of the Witch
2016 movie Curtain Call
2017 drama Ruby Ruby Love
2017 movie Confidential Assignment

Gil Eun Hye / Gil Eun Hye
2016 drama The Unusual Family

Shin Hye Sun / Shin Hye Sun
2016 drama Five Children
2016 ~ 2017 The Legend of the Blue Sea
2017 Drama Secret Forest
2017 movie A Day

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- Why didn't you writhe the drama My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol for actress Park Se-young

- I didn't know Shin Hye-sun was in this drama

- Hul Shin Hye Sun...Hul ㄹ

- Is Kim Chang Hwan the reporter who came out in Reply 1988?...
> That's right

- Jung Wook went to the Army...???? I didn't know that...

- Min Ki why did you do that?

- Shin Hye-sun was in Oh My Ghost too...!

- Hul I didn't know Shin Hye Sun was in this...

- Shin Hye Sun...

- Oh, there are a lot of actors in The Legend of the Blue Sea and Descendants of the Sun...!!! This is something new

- I want to see Jung Ho in a new drama soon ㅠㅠ

- Min Ki what happened...

- Hul Kwak Jung-wook went to the Army...

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