Kim Young Kwang offered lead role in upcoming MBC's drama 'The Lookout'

Naver: [Exclusive] Kim Young Kwang, MBC 'The Lookout' leading role...Positive review

1. [+1657, -67] um...? The lead role again??

2. [+1470, -71] If you are not good at acting, I think it's better to do supporting roles

3. [+1354, -69] He is not good at acting, why is he always offered leading roles, he ruins the drama

4. [+1101, -64] His

5. [+729, -48] Ah yes.....

6. [+335, -17] What is the reason for always casting him?

7. [+329, -17] If this was a female celebrity, people will be talking about her sponsor

8. [+296, -15] His acting is always bad. The leads can either break down the drama or make it do well

9. [+289, -15] MBC just handing it off now

10. [+225, -8] I just don't understand: Kim Young Kwang Ahn Jae Hyun Hong Jong Hyun

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