[Spoilers] Radiant Office EP06 + Rating

Naver - My daily: 'Radiant Office' Ko Ah Sung, Heart beats for Ha Seok Jin...Did she fell in love?

1. [+1049, -18] It's so funny, frustrating, realistic and fantasy. and it's heart fluttering, It's really fun. And most of all, the dialogues are so clear and sympathetic. If you are not watching this drama, i recommend you to do...

2. [+825, -19] Ko Ah Sung is cute and Ha Seok Jin makes my heart flutters~ I hope They become a good couple~

3. [+725, -18] I hope the rating goes up~~~~

4. [+571, -13] It's fun

5. [+244, -3] It's so fun but there is no preview ㅠㅠㅠ... Ko Ah Sung falls in love right away ㅋㅋㅋ I thought she liked the doctor...

6. [+194, -6] It's really fun, The rating is meaningless ㅡ

7. [+192, -6] It's fun~~~~ Why the doctor is helping the three people who are tried to kill themselves? Just to give them a chance, he made Kwon Hye Hyo hire them which is a little...

8. [+185, -4] We got to see Ko Ah Sung agin through this drama. Her acting is so natural~

Naver - tv Report: Ko Ah Sung X Ha Seok Jin, Staying close "Romance Atmosphere" 

1. [+336, -2] It's hard for a parent to say that he didn't do anything for his child. Every line from this drama is so sympathetic. The writer is amazing.

2. [+182, -3] I like seeing them happy!!

3. [+178, -6] Ha Seok Jin is really handsome...

4. [+149, -7] Ko Ah Sung is so cute...

5. [+73, -2] The cold and melo look in Ha Seok Jin's eyes makes my heart flutters...

6. [+70, -1] There is no hole in acting

7. [+70, -1] The actors are doing a great job playing their characters ㅋ

8. [+70, -4] This drama is a really well made drama, Ko Ah Sung is a top actress among the actresses in her age, she delivers the lines really well and makes the viewers cry with her

9. [+60, -1] Ho couple makes my heart flutters~ I hope everything will be okay~~


Rating: 6%

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