An actress who slightly looks like Irene

In my eyes they look a little bit alike, If not I apologize...
I thought she is beautiful since I watched her movie 'Horror Stories'
She is getting more attention from 'Return' nowadays 

Original Post:

- She looks Chinese with her eyebrows 

- She is better than Irene...She is pretty ㅜ Her aura is the best

- I think it's too much to compare them ㅠㅠ This person is very attractive

- They do look a little alike but the expression is rude

- I thought it will be Seo Ji Hye

- If you look closely she is the real version of Snow White ㅠ

- I thought it will be Lee Sun Bin

- Ah I understand what you mean ㅋㅋㅋ

- I think she looks more like Lee Bo Young

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