Golden Slumber gets mixed reviews

10/10: It's fun and emotional, Also the movie has a message that touches everyone ㅎㅎ

10/10: As expected, the original work was powerful that's why the movie turned out to be good ㅋㅋ I want to see the Japanese version again

10/10: It was really fun. It didn't have any boredom and the ending was very good.

9/10: I don't know why I was nervous before watching it

10/10: Gang Dong Won is so cool and he is seriously so handsome

1/10: How is this 10/10...? Did you watch the movie...? The story was poor...I felt the scenes were playing separately...It's really not fun, It's the worst...

10/10: The music was good and so is Gang Dong Won!

10/10: It's the best!!!!

1/10: After watching this movie, I knew that Gang Dong Won was overhyped

0/10: I don't understand and sympathize with this content! I felt the story and the actors were playing separately..Except for Kim Eui Sung's acting. I now know that Gang Dong Won can't act. I feel pity for choosing to watch this 

2/10: It was annoying...

10/10: Honestly, Is there a reason to terrorize this? I enjoyed watching it with my friends...

10/10: It's so fun

4/10: I went to theater to watch this movie...Next time, I will wait for the ratings

8/10: I enjoyed watching it but what wrong with the rating..ㅋㅋㅋ

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