[Spoilers] Misty E11 + Rating

Naver - xports news: 'Misty' Ji Jin Hee keeps loving Kim Nam Joo even after their break up

1.[+986, -20] How can a middle aged man and woman be this sexy?....There is no hole in acting...

2.[+871, -10] Kang Tae Wook is amazing for having a sincere heart...Ji Jin Hee~ He is an actor who expresses melo through his eyes !!!

3.[+632, -12] They are good at getting to the point~ Ji Jin Hee and Kim Nam Joo are so good at acting, their eye acting is no joke

4.[+551, -11] Seriously what will we do with Ji Jin Hee ㅜㅜ He is melting women's hearts~~

5.[+541, -12] Ji Jin-hee is so fatal

6.[+139, -1] Director Jang and Go Hye Ran are on the same side. They are pretending to deceive their opponent...I feel there will be a twist

7.[+123, -1] He is a man like a sunflower;; Appearance aside; If there is actually a man with this mind, all women will fall for him

8.[+118, -6] How can a drama gets more fun as it goes on, It's really making me crazy. Misty should be a daily drama

9.[+97, -2] Looking at Seo Eun Joo, I think she lowed her cunning skills

10.[+102, -9] Is Ji Jin Hee the killer?...When Kim Nam Joo told him 'why Myung Woo didn't believe me at that time?' He looked like he was suffering...Somehow I feel that Ji Jin Hee is the killer...ㅠ

11.[+79, -5] After watching episode 11, I think there are two possibilities...Either Ji Jin Hee didn't believe Kim Nam Joo and killed Kevin Lee or Kim Nam Joo has Ripley's syndrome which she can't remember his murder...But I hope that both of them are not the killers ㅠ

12.[+59, -3] I was late for the broadcast so my mother's bed time was delayed...ㅋ

13.[+51, -8] The acting is a masterpiece and the lines are also a masterpiece. I don't understand the people who said that yesterday's broadcast was boring. This Drama really touches my heart


Rating: 6.7%

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