The Vanished gets good reviews on it premier day

10/10: I didn't know Kim Kang Woo was this good at acting, I watched the original work 'The body' but I enjoyed this more than the original

10/10: It's called a thriller, but it definitely has a different feeling of thriller. I liked the tension

10/10: There is a twist! It's exciting till the end ㅎㅎ

10/10: I went to the theater alone because my head was complicated, I seriously watched it with no thoughts. It has a good story and very detailed, more importantly this is Kim Kang Woo's life work, was he always this good at acting? I recommend you to watch it

10/10: It wasn't cruel and no ghost has come out but I felt thrill and fear, the twist was completely crazy~!!!! I didn't know that this kind of thriller will come out in Korea~.!!!!

10/10: The ending was an unexpected twist ㅎㄷㄷ...I watched it with a lot of fun

9/10: A proper running time. an unpredictable ending. a strong story. It was a great thriller that fit well with the three leads. 

10/10: This is Kim Kang Woo's life work. He is so good at acting;;; The story itself was fun, but Kim Kang-woo's acting was a real part of it.

10/10: The twist is daebak ㅋㅋㅋ It's so fun!!

10/10: This is thriller! the twist is amazing

8/10: I liked the thriller...Even though I was tired, I was immersed and I enjoyed watching it

8/10: If you like thriller you will find it fun. But It has a feeling of lacking

8/10: Kim Kang Woo was so charming. The presence of Kim Hee Ae was great even though she didn't have so much scenes. However, I didn't understand the twist at the end. Why was it so complicated only for revenge? 

8/10: The movie has a Spanish style

10/10: This movie is perfect

9/10: The twist was daebak

9/10: I watched it with no expectations and It was pretty fun...It's the best thriller movie among the movies that has been released...

8/10: A movie that makes your heart shake. It has real thrill. The story is so good


The movie tops the box office on its premiere day with 65.528 admissions!!

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