Welcome to Netizendrama! Thank you for coming to my little blog! I'm just a girl who loves kdramas and kshows, i also love kpop but not much ^^ Just so you know i'm not that good in Korean or English hahaha you may wonder why did i open this blog then?! I really want to improve my skills in this 2 languages so i hope you forgive me if i make some mistakes and hopefully with time i will improve.

I have loved watching dramas for like 5 years now. And then, I got into kpop (but not too much) and started learning Korean just for fun. I'm still improving and learning and I hope this blog will become a big help with that process. My source is primarily Naver but with time i will try to go to other sites. I hope you enjoy this blog and find it fun and informative. If you’ve got requests, head on over to the Requests page.

Disclaimers and Reminders 
 1. Keep in mind that i'm not good that good in Korean, Also the comments do not reflect my own opinions.
2. Treat fellow commenters with respect.
3. I do NOT watch every single one of the shows I translate so expect inaccuracies and if i make mistakes feel free to correct me but please with not hate.

 - Netizendrama